Since it seems I have started up this Mommy Blog for the express purpose of contemplating cold-blooded murder, why not continue where I left off.  Something dawned on me just now, scrolling through articles in Japanese about the murder of Kana Washino, studying the faces of the victim and her killers instead of doing the dishes that keep piling up in my sink.

But before I can say this, know that I did enough research to affirm that I am not just being a racist here.  In doing so, I came across countless Japanese language blogs whose authors came to a very similar conclusion.  That in mind, I think I am allowed to say this now: Kana Washino, and Izumi Komori LOOK very much ALIKE. 

Kana Washino: Victim                             Izumi Komori: Washino’s Killer







If this were a Law and Order episode, this might be the part where Mariska Hargitay starts to suspect that the two might be related somehow.  But in the real world, the simplest solution is usually the most probable.  That is to say, Mr. Komori, the other perpetrator, had a type, and Kana was a younger, cuter version of his chronically joyless wife Izumi.

By extension, this new discovery begs us to consider the probability that Washino and Mr. Komori had some sort of relationship in the real world, one that was not limited to interactions between their virtual aliases on twitter.  At the very least, he had seen her picture.  At worst, well, I don’t want to speculate on the sex lives of dead children, but anyone could guess.  Admittedly, it is hard to believe that a virtual relationship, in itself, could be capable of spawning the sort of jealous conflict that leads to such a heinous crime.  But Virtual Twitter is such a new convention that it is hard to say what’s possible and what isn’t.

Curiouser and Curiouser.

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